Our Mission

Triad Math’s mission is to deliver an effective appropriate post-elementary math education to every person who wants one – quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

To achieve this goal for each student, Triad Math has created math programs for post-elementary middle and high school students, home school students, adult learners, industry and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students.

Triad Math has also created the SupraComputer which facilitates this Mission for students of all ages especially STEM students and professionals.

Triad Math has licensed the production and distribution of the SupraComputer to a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization, Stem Math Made Easy, Inc.

Triad Math’s programs are dramatically different in both pedagogy, content and delivery.  Our programs succeed, where other standard math curriculum programs are failing as testified to by our many ‘graduates’.

Triad Math offers a Six Tier program.  Tiers 1 and 2 comprise the Practical Math Foundation.  Tier 3 prepares all students for standardized tests, such as the SAT.  Tiers 4, 5 & 6 prepare STEM students for their post secondary education much better than the current standard math curriculum programs.

In fact, Tiers 5 and 6 will replace the math taught in the first two years of most STEM Universities.  Furthermore, we also offer a STEM Math Online Boot Camp for STEM students who already have been through the current high school math programs.

The Triad Math Six Tier Program is unique and really works for virtually all students.  None of the current Standard Math Curriculum programs today can achieve this.  All existing math textbooks and graphing calculators are obsolete just as slide-rules, log tables and trig tables are obsolete.

Triad Math’s Programs are quite unique in its emphasis and use of modern technologies starting with the TI-30Xa calculator in Tiers 1 – 3, and Wolfram Alpha in Tiers 4 – 6.  Wolfram Alpha truly revolutionizes the way math problems are solved and how math can and should be taught, learned and practiced.

One example of this is Integral Calculus, usually Calculus 2.  Here the student is taught how to use centuries old manual tools to find anti-derivatives of functions in order to apply the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to evaluate definite integrals which occur in virtually all STEM subjects.  These manual “techniques of integration” are very difficult to learn and master and are a great Barrier to many potential STEM students.  Indeed, many students fail to pursue a STEM career because of this Barrier.

The SupraComputer, thanks to its great 21st Century tool, Wolfram Alpha, is like a Tunnel through this Barrier.  The SupraComputer makes finding anti-derivatives very easy.  Indeed, it will evaluate definite integrals that can not be evaluated with the standard tools and functions.  Virtually any student can now learn and master Calculus in about one semester.

Subsequently, a Barrier with difficulty of 8 is reduced to a Tunnel with difficulty of 2.

Even more dramatic results are obtained in Differential Equations which are the indispensable work horses of STEM subjects.  Calculus analyzes Functions and Differential Equations discovers which Functions are necessary in STEM models.  The SupraComputer makes this very easy too.  Indeed, this even more dramatic than the Integral Calculus example.

Now Mathematics is no longer a severe Barrier to STEM students and professionals.

The SupraComputer is like comparing modern electronic tools for carpentry to the classical manual tools that are very difficult to master and inefficient to use that are often still being taught in our Standard Math Curriculum.  Compare an electric drill to a “Brace and Bit” for drilling holes.

Triad Math’s Programs can be delivered on any computer as they have been for several years, but are even more effectively delivered on the SupraComputer.

Triad Math, Inc.is a privately held Indiana corporation founded by Craig Hane, Ph.D., aka Dr. Del, and owned by a small group of stockholders.

Dr. Hane is also the subject matter expert for all of our math programs and the creator of the SupraComputer.

You may learn more about Triad Math’s programs and educational resources at: