Dr. Del’s “Fun with Math” Club

For Dr. Del’s Students to Apply Math to Life’s Challenges and to Have Fun with Math

Apply Math to Business Adventures like Dr. Del has done all his life.

I. Who may join the Club?

Any Triad Math student who has completed the Master the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator Lessons.

Any age with Parent Approval for students under 18 years old.

II. What are the Club’s Benefits?

Learn Practical Golden Rule business concepts and processes.

Learn how to Achieve Financial Independence

starting with ZERO Assets, but with lots of

Ambition – Faith – Learning – Work – Fun.

That’s what Dr. Del has done for many decades.

Weekly Zoom meetings with Dr. Del which are video recorded.

Q & A Forum Learn by asking and answering questions.

Sell things that improve customers’ lives, i.e. Do them a Favor.

Learn from “Failures”. The more the better!

Learn to Mitigate Risks via Convex Options.

Learn a lot about Tribes – The Key to Success.

Learn a lot about Money – “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Learn about “Rat Hole Money” to never “suffer” from a Failure.

Have FUN! – Flow! – Independence! – Golden Rule! – Wisdom!

III. Business Opportunities for Club Members, when ready.

Definition: “Sell” means Communicate and Educate and do the Customer a Big Favor.

Golden Rule Sales Processes and No Risk for Customer.

Sell a $9 or $29 Product for commission.

Create new Products to sell.

IV. Other things anticipated in the future for the Club.

Learn How and Why: “We all work on “Straight Commission” ultimately.”

Learn how to Set up Your Own Personal Corporation – – – Many Advantages.

Learn to Invest in Convex Options – – Most Important Key to Success?

Learn Antifragile Concepts (book by Nassim Taleb).

Black Swan Events.

Power Law vs Bell Curve.

Absence of Evidence, IS NOT Evidence of Absence.

Taleb’s Triad… Fragile – Robust – Antifragile.

How to become Antifragile – Stoicism – Golden Rule.

Why Six Sigma Analysis often fails.