All Five Courses – Math Tutor Courses Series

All Five Courses – Math Tutor Courses Series



Master the TI-30xa Scientific Calculator

This course will empower the student to perform all arithmetic calculations very quickly and easily, and make the learning of following math subjects much easier. It will also make the learning of some other scientific calculator easy, too.

IF the student has not mastered some other scientific calculator, take this course first. This will help the student study all the other math courses.


Understanding the Rules of Arithmetic is necessary to learn all future math. No fluff and unnecessary lessons just to make an expensive book or course. Just learn what you need to know.

Practical Algebra

Most students are amazed to learn that these ten lessons will teach a student practically all of the algebra the student will need in the future for practical math required by many technical subjects. It also will help most students in a regular algebra course taught in many schools.

Practical Geometry

The student will learn how to use Practical Algebra along with Practical Geometry to calculate how long something should be, the area of something, or the volume of something.

This is what is needed in most technical subjects. There will be heuristic arguments given when appropriate, but no formal pedantic “proofs”.

Practical Trigonometry

WOW! ONLY seven lessons!  The student will learn how to deal with angles in all sorts of situations, in ways that are impossible with just Algebra and Geometry. Thanks to the scientific calculator this is very easy.

This course will assure the student that she or he knows more math than most people and impress future employers.

The Math Tutor Courses consist of:

  • Each course is self-paced and Interactive and consists of a series of lessons.
  • Each lesson will teach the student one important math topic.
  • Most students are amazed at how few lessons are necessary for mastery of the course’s subject.
  • Each of these courses assumes the student knows some of the material in the previous courses. For example, the scientific calculator is necessary in all of the future courses. You will need some Algebra to solve Practical Geometry problems and Practical Trigonometry problems.

Each lesson consists of:

  1. A tutorial video which explains the lesson. Dr. Del teaches the student the topic in a very friendly, interactive way. He calls it “Kitchen Table Math” as though he is tutoring the student at his kitchen table as he has tutored so many students in the past. And, none of them ever failed to learn the math.The student has control over the video, unlike a live tutor, and can study it
    anytime, stop it, back it up, take a break, come back later, etc. It’s better than a live tutor! Dr. Del’s students love it. They have control over their study time.
  2. Notes for the tutorial video and exercises for each lesson are delivered in PDFs. The student really learns the math by doing the exercises, like learning a game or sport, through lots of practice, plus good instruction.
  3. A pre-quiz before the tutorial video to see if the student already knows the lesson’s topic, and to give the student an idea of what the lesson will cover.
  4. A post-quiz after the tutorial video so the student, and coach, can see that the student has mastered the lesson’s topic. The quizzes are questions just like the exercises, nothing tricky.
  5. The student has control over the training, can study the video, and do exercises anytime in the future. Review is necessary for most of us to ultimately remember what has been learned. So the student has access to the course for life!
  6. All of this is kept track of in a learning management system (LMS) so the student and coach can know just what the student has done.
  7. There is a student forum where the student can go to ask questions. If after studying the video several times and working exercises the student still doesn’t understand the lesson, the student can go to the forum and ask questions.